Our fee structure is tailored to our clients and to their request. BERJEBLAWYERS can take actions depending on the client’s decision :

  On an hourly basis (with a time sheet) :
The hourly rate will vary depending on the complexity of the file, the quality and experience of the intervening parties.

  On a fixed price basis :
From the start of the file, we agree with our client on a flat fee whose amount is fixed and final regardless of the time spent on the file.

  On a reduced flat fee basis and additional result free :
The agreed lump sum of the fees can also lead to success fees depending on the interest of the file and on the contribution made by our law firm to the success of the case.

  According to an annual assistance agreement :
The advantage of this approach lies in developing a sustainable relationship and in getting a real knowledge about the company’s day-to-day operations, so the client will be able to appeal to the services implemented without worrying about the fees to be borne.